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Image by Erin Agius

How do we take care of infection security?

Throughout the Covid-19 situation, we have invested in hygiene and safety at our events. Our team wears masks throughout the event, and our clients have access to personal equipment throughout the event. Only our team handles and shares common tools, and completes goals. We have reduced group sizes and increased safety gaps. Our restaurant partners have improved the cleaning and hygiene of surfaces and toilets. Hand ideas are available and are regularly used by our team when dealing with common equipment.


Our client has a mask recommendation. The mask can be worn even if you enjoy drinks during the occasion - when most of the time the group is wearing a mask, less breathing vapor is released into the air. Please also keep safety clearances when entering the room, as well as when doing business at the restaurant counter! Please cancel your seat immediately if you have Covid-19 symptoms!

It is really important to us that you and our team are safe to attend our events. We will do our best to provide you with a wonderful experience safely!

Entrepreneurs Heidi & Antti-Jussi and the entirePaint & Party team

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