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Come find out if  there's a Picasso or Rembrandt within you. Dive with us into the world of art in a two-hour workshop, during which you will be able to create your very own work of art - instructed!

There is no need to paint with a dry mouth, as wine and drink supplements are always available! Please note that beverages are charged separately.

Upon arrival, we have already prepared your seat and equipment for you. Our lovely instructors are there to receive you!

At the event, you can enjoy a refreshing selection of creative refreshments from the restaurant. Drinks are not included in the price of the event!

Explore your inner artist, and leave all worries aside for a couple of hours. Let the guidance and your own creativity lead your work in a relaxed atmosphere!

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What is THE painting trip to Paris?

A painting trip to Paris is a new concept where, together with a travel guide and art director, we adventure in the mental landscape of Paris and France, and create a beautiful abstract work of art from the iconic view of Paris!

Aku Meriläinen

Together - remotely

We will paint together as you progress, and you will get lots of concrete tips as we work with you to create a great work step by step! You will receive from us all the tools and materials you need to create your book - you can also participate with your own tools. So choose your favorite drink in your glass, and be inspired to have fun with us!

to whom, and what course?

The level of requirements for courses and workshops is first-time! The tips, shapes and works consist of clear work steps, which we follow concretely and clearly. This gives you the freedom to follow the instructions as much as you want - and complement your own creative choices and artistic adventures to your liking!

Order equipment or participate on your own. The course is suitable for first-timers, but more experienced painters are also welcome to have fun with us!

Choose the creative drinks you like to refresh your mind and relax with a brush! Paint and wine or paint and tea? You decide!

All online events are hosted on the Paint & Party Zoom platform. You will receive a link before the event, and equipment if you wish!

Price and more information

The price of the workshop you choose is made up of your choices. You can order only access to the event and participate with your own tools. In connection with the entrance ticket, you can also conveniently order high-quality and Selected painting supplies for the workshop, or even several packages of supplies if more painters are involved in your household! You can see the course equipment, colors, etc. in the event information.

The price list is course specific and you can see the prices in the calendar below!

Click on the event of your choice and open the content you want! You can pay for your purchase online as a card payment. If you want to pay with a cultural advantage, then contact us or fill in the form that opens from the link below - we will respond quickly!

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