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Any questions? These they are often asking me!

Do I need previous experience, or do I need to be artistic?

You don't and don't have to! Most of our painters will just enjoy a fun activity, and previous experience in art may be from elementary school!

- pARTy-Pertti answers -

Do I have to bring something with me?

No. We provide the tools and materials, and from the restaurant you can buy a drink on arrival, as well as replenish during the evening! However, if you wish, you can take a durable / commercial bag of A4 paper size (the most common paper size) with you to take your finished work home.

How have you taken into account the exceptional situation?

As well as possible. Our partners take care of the active disinfection and cleaning of the premises, and our group is in its own corner or in its own restaurant, depending on the city. We actively follow and follow regional group size recommendations. Our team always wears a mask or visor, and we also recommend that our customers wear a mask. We also definitely provide a disposable mask if you have forgotten yours!

How do I dress?

If possible, dress in clothes where a little extra color doesn’t spill the world. Acrylic paint leaves fresh on clothes with a water wash, but as it hardens, it is more challenging to remove completely. However, stains on clothes are rare as we protect the clothes with aprons and roll up our sleeves!

What is the price based on?

The price includes high-quality equipment, space arrangement, cleaning, and the instructor's and hostess's fee. So you can focus on enjoying it yourself!

When do you update your calendar?

We aim to update the calendar at least 1 month from now. Images of new works will be updated on the calendar no later than one week before the event.

When will new painting themes become available?

Our artists design new works at regular intervals, and every month our selection expands and diversifies! We can also definitely hope for an interesting topic as a novelty.

Can you be ordered elsewhere?

Yup! Feel free to contact us through the " Contact Us " tab, or through the " Private Event " tab.

Is there an age limit for the event?

Basically not, as a minor can attend our restaurant events with a guardian. Please note, however, that we operate in a bar environment!

What if I can't attend the event I booked?

You can transfer your reservation to another painting bridge no later than 8pm the day before by contacting us. You can also hand over your seat to another person. We can refund the payment to your account (-5 € processing fee) if the cancellation is made within 3 days before the booked Paint & Party night. For cancellations received on the same day, we will charge 50% of the event price. If the place is not canceled and does not arrive, we will charge 100% of the price of the event.

What if there are not enough reservations for the event?

We do our best to fill events with few participants. However, if the number of participants is less than the minimum (less than 3 people), we will notify the participants. We primarily suggest postponing the time until the actual evening, but if no suitable time is found, we will refund the payment to the account!

Can the event be paid for on site in cash or by card?

We have the ability to accept payments on site in exceptional circumstances. However, we hope you pay for the opportunity online if possible. This way we can guarantee the realization of the opportunity, and the salary of our instructor! We can only accept cash payments in cash, as we do not keep a separate cash register at the outlets. You will receive a receipt for payment transactions electronically.

Do you organize activities for children?

At the moment, as a continuous club activity, we do not. However, we can organize children's art parties for birthdays, for example! Ask for a quote and order us on our “ Private Event ” page!

And so does everyone paint that same work?

The easy answer is "No". We all have our own handprint, our own creative choices and our own feel & personality that is reflected in the work. No two of the same will ever arise! However, everyone has a common model that the instructor mainly teaches. You can ask for help with your own solutions and we will help you to the best of our ability!

An owl is painted on Saturday. I don't like owls. I still want to come paint!

So come paint something else! You can still take advantage of the hints in the background or any details that fit your book. Also feel free to ask for help and tips on creating your own book too!

Can't find the answer to your question? You can inquire about it in our chat or leave a contact request on our " Contact Information " page! We always respond within 24 hours of your contact on weekdays.

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