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What would you do when you were all grown up? It would be fun if you could bring people success and joy. Ways to get out of the hustle and bustle of everyday life and just have fun and recharge your batteries. Helping people realize that hey, I'm really good. Not compared to a neighbor or colleague - just you and your style.

When we traveled to New Zealand in 2018, this idea was on our minds. The desire to focus our own energy and work on having happy and enthusiastic guys around us as well. The purpose of the trip was to take your own time and breathe easier. Soon the thoughts also ran lighter and more creatively again!

We went to a local restaurant to try out a hit entertainment concept where the art director directed a painting according to the theme of the evening. Among them were many first-timers of art, and also a few more experienced painters. And you don’t think how much fun we had. We got so excited that we decided to share these experiences in Finland as well! Even at that moment, Paint & Party seemed to be born.

- Heidi & Antti-Jussi

We are a family business. In addition to our entrepreneurs Heidi and Antti-Jussi, the Paint & Party family includes our art directors and event hosts - now in six different cities. What unites us all is the desire to show people that creativity and art are really insanely fun. And we won't rest until every Finn can try to make art in adulthood too!



In 2020, we organized events for more than a hundred different companies, and a total of thousands of painters in open and private events. The feedback and feelings about the events have been wonderful to read, and we want to share them. Our feedback can already be seen e.g. on the cities' own pages, as well as on the "For groups" page!

References will appear here. The site is currently under construction and will be completed during the summer!



We’ve got amazing individuals and companies helping with the success story of Paint&Party. From venues to art supplies, exciting co-organized experiences, visibility and lots more! Discover the top guys who are on our journey!

This is supplemented by a list of our partners!

Restaurant Teerenpelit - Helsinki, Jyväskylä, Lahti, Lappeenranta, Tampere and Turku
ArtShop - art supply store and art online store, Lahti
Hard Rock Cafe - Helsinki
Pasila sauna facilities - Helsinki
Vaihmalan Hovi - Tampere
Winebridge - Tampere
Frame and gilding - framing and art supply store, Turku
Pamplemousse - French tourism experts
Restaurant Lokki - Lahti
Cafe Charlotta - Lahti
Lappeenranta Officers' Club - Lappeenranta
Vaarunhovi - Korpilahti

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