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On this page we have put together a small information pack and photos that can be used in our marketing. Please always mention Paint & Party in the pictures! Our Company has the right to use the images at Good Vibes Finland.


Paint & Party is the finnish version of the renowned Paint 'n' Sip concept. Our entrepreneurs Heidi Eerola and Antti-Jussi Hoivala tried the concept in New Zealand and completely fell in love! We just had to bring the concept to Finland. Especially because of the wonderful in-depth background that has a message close to our values.

In Paint & Party events, the main purpose is not to create a “perfect work”. The purpose is to enjoy the evening, get a good mood and leave with a smile on your face. According to customer feedback, we have been very successful here!

You can also find out about the birth of the concept on our website.

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Images for which a verbal marketing authorization has been requested

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