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Paint & Party?

Why Paint & Party?

Paint & Party is based on international Paint 'n Sip concept. We are proud to offer a service with such a deep background and values close to ours.

Paint & Party is not about becoming a perfect artist. It's about enjoying the night, the good vibes and joy of creation.

Concept's background

Early 2000's in New Orleans, USA, it was common to gather around for a common social time and painting. Friends and families gathered to catch up while enjoying some creative practice. On 2005 one of the most infamous natural phenomenoms struck to the area. Over 1200 people lost their lives in Hurricane Katrina, and damage was made for over 120 million dollars. Homes were destroyed, loved ones lost, lack of food and electricity emerged and diseases spread. This effected the daily lives of more than a million inhabitants of the area.

After the hurricane the community began rebuilding. As people needed social support from others, they gathered together to share experiences and support. This was conducted by organizing paint nights. The support, safety and enjoyment of these paint nights helped people get over the catastrophe.

2007 Cathy Deano and Renee Maloney wanted to create an enterprise based on this sense of community, focusing in creating good atmosphere and experiences. What would make the night so special? The focus is not to teach and learn, but to encounter painting as a fun activity and a way to enjoy the night out with friends and family.

So was born Corks N Canvas, that is now known by many names in the industry, and has spead all over United States and Canada.

We wish to be the same kind of provider of good vibes and social support in Finland.

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