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The need for recreation is great, but can you remotely have fun, share common experiences and recover from everyday life? Yes you can!

We will organize a super fun painting event for you, and together we will make it look like your gang. Check out our remote workshops and ask for a quote!

Paint and Wine Etäworkshop

Aku Meriläinen


From the beginning of the exceptional situation, we have organized events remotely, and developed remote events together with our team of art directors, as well as our wonderful clients! The feedback has been really great, and it’s awesome that we’ve managed to create moments of joy, creativity and grouping with our clients.

Let's make the remote event look like your group! We usually organize 2h long workshops where we deliver painting kits to the participants before the event. We can execute the event on our own Zoom platform, or jump on the client’s meeting platform!

selection and PRICE LIST

What painting supplies do we deliver?

The package includes all the high-quality art supplies needed for the work: 2-3 brushes of different sizes + brush. Acrylic colors according to the theme of the wokrshop, palette, Mug brush brush, canvas 27x35cm, in addition, some of the works also have written instructions available. Without instructions, the work includes all the main colors.

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Discover a captivating concept that combines virtual tourism with a guided fun painting experience!

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