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private event
with paint&Party


Let's organize a wonderful experience to your group. We'll throw your painting event in a fashion that suits your style, and create fun memories of creativity! You don't need any previous painting experience at all.

Workshops and events are held on the premises of our restaurant or banqueting partners, or on your own premises! Shall we have Paint and Wine, Paint and Dinner, Paint and Breakfast or some other picturesque entertainment?

Full service studio

The joy of creation without nasty responsibilities! We take care of the preparations for the event, cover the painting venues and equipment, take care of the guidance and artistic work, ask the waiter if you want, be there for you throughout the event and, above all, take care of the whole cleaning. In some  it is also possible to dine after the event. So you can focus on the most important thing - painting your own masterpieces!


We organize painting events for groups together with our restaurant partners, in party rooms and in the group's own premises! We choose the space according to the available spaces, group size and group wishes. Paint & Party transforms the restaurant into a haven for art, and we bring a cozy art studio with us. You don't have to paint the driest mouth with us, because our partners have a tasty range of drinks for many tastes!

All materials and tools ready! We prepare, guide and clean <3

You can enjoy the restaurant's offer according to your own taste, or bring your own offerings with you when arranging on your own premises!

Let’s throw all worries aside, and let the art and wine wing our way! Who knows what will eventually be found in your works?



The price of the event is 49 € / person. Group discounts start for groups of more than 16 people. You can choose the theme you like for the event, or we can also design your own painting with instructions (design fee total 60 €). Prices include VAT 10%. Ask for an offer!

The price includes all high-quality materials and accessories, aprons for the event, guidance and our team to help you, your wonderful works to take home, preparations for the space for your group and cleaning after the event!

Let's choose a work that looks like your group! You can choose a theme from our selection of books, or hope for a theme to be designed for you! Design fee 60 €.

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The price of a private event is usually 49 € / person. In our partner restaurant, it includes a snack service, which you can also omit if you wish! In the partner restaurant, the price without snack service is 46 € / person. Group discounts from 16 people. An event for your own premises?
Ask for an offer!

Yksityistilaisuus lomake
Booking enquiry

Ask for available dates that suit your plans in the "additional information" field!

What would you like to paint and when? Request possibility to eat after / before event?

We have received your enquiry!

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