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Paint&Party Online

The hottest new products of the season are all live - online. We've hosted dozens of group sessions at Zoom. Both private events and open events. How do these sessions work and how can you attend?

As our customer you can choose, if you'd like us to send all the equipment needed or if you'll use your own painting tools. If you'll order the equipment from us (paint, canvas, paint brushes, paint palette, mug), we'll send them via Matkahuolto at last one week before the session. This is how we'll make sure, that you'll get the package in time, even if there would be some changes made for the transportation. Price starts at 39€/person + post service 0-15€.

Do you already have painting equipment? You can use those and buy only the ticket for the event! This has been popular way to participate to our open events. You can see the colors needed from the pre-information. Price starts at 19€/person.

The key point in our online events is spending time together. You can ask questions out loud or in the chat, show the phases of your art piece and just let yourself jump into the world of art with us! Our instructor paints at the same time with you and shows you step by step how to proceed. You have all the power in the world to add to the painting your own vision. Let's chat and enjoy - or you can choose to relax and listen in your own space!

Come and join us and have fun at home! Learn more from our private events here and from our open events here.


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